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Soft Face Tools

We manufacture and supply Lovely Soft Face Tools. These protect men and machines against injury or damage. These tools are comparatively noiseless ensuring silence in otherwise noisy workshops where steel against steel is used. They act as a shock absorber by bearing the brunt of the blow. Our range includes lovely super plastic hammer, lovely copper hammer, lovely plastic hammer with steel handle, lovely rawhide hammer, lovely copper & rawhide hammer, lovely split head hammer, lovely plastic & rubber hammer, lovely aluminum hammer, lovely dead blow hammer, lovely jewellery hammer set, lovely plastic mallet and lovely super plastic mallet.

NOTE : We deals in Mumbai and Near by Mumbai only.

Copper Hammer / Mallet

Lovely Copper Hammer is made from high quality Copper material. Available in both Sledge and Cylindrical shapes. Hammer delivers a positive blow without damaging the surface. Available in all sizes & shapes.

Plastic Hammer

Lovely Super Plastic Hammer has a Balanced Metal Head with screw-in-type Plastic Faces of Medium Hardness. Easy to replace when worn-out.We are very good at manufacturing Single phase hammers. These hammers have several uses in various industrial environments. The hammers made by us have found their uses as metal hammers, power hammers, durable hammers and industrial hammers.

Rubber Hammer / Mallet

Lovely Rubber Mallet is made of Semi Hard Black Rubber delivers gentle but firm blow. Suitable for use under damp conditions.With our in-depth expertise and experience, we earned expertise in designing Rubber Hammers, which are fabricated as per the requisite norms of the industry.

Copper Solder

Lovely Copper Solder has a Balanced head with Copper. This Solder delivers a positive blow without damaging the surface. Copper Solder is useful in all electrical & industrial purpose. This product is available in all sizes & shapes.

Plastic Hammer with Steel Handle

Lovely Plastic Hammer with Steel Handle has been Manufactured for Light Blow, with Best Raw Materials. Supplied with Still Handle with Rubber Grip.Soft Face Tools/Lovely Plastic Hammer with Steel Handle.

Lead Hammer

Lovely Lead Mallet is Barrel shaped or cylindrical head turned and balanced for accurate blow.We offer our valuable clients Lead Hammer manufactured from superior quality carbon steel purchased from well-known vendors. A Hammer is a tool consisting of a large, flat head attached to a handle.

Rawhide Hammer

Lovely Rawhide Mallet is made from high-grade arsenic ted Buffalo Raw Hides, heavily pressed under powerful Hydraulic Press and seasoned for several months.Water Buffalo Hide faces tightly coiled and heavily pressed on powerful Hydraulic Press fixed into the recess provided in the Hammer head. Faces and Hammer head turned for correct balance for a faultless blow.

Aluminum Hammer / Mallet

Lovely Aluminum Hammer is made from pure and high quality Aluminum. Quite safe because of Non-Sparking. Available in all shape's & size's.

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