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Nylon Anchors - Wall Plugs

Our product range includes a wide range of Nylon Anchors - Wall Plugs such as Nylon Sleeve (Wall Plugs), Nylon Board Clip / Toggle Clip, Frame Fixing Anchor and Toggle Dry Wall Anchor.

Nylon Sleeve (Wall Plugs)

Nylon Sleeve (Wall Plugs)
Approx. Rs 35.00 / Pack(s)

Item Code: L1001

These Sleeves for tapered Screw expansion plug is a boon for all light duty fixtures in Concrete, Masonry and other suitable media. Secure Grip in all building materials. Available in Grey & White Colors.

CodeSleeve Size
LNS 10014.5 X 25 M
LNS 10025.5 X 30 M
LNS 10036.5 X 35 M
LNS 10047 X 40 M
LNS 10058 X 50 M
LNS 10068 X 60 M
LNS 10078 X 75 M
LNS 10088 X 100 M
LNS 10098 X 120 M
LNS 101010 X 50 M
LNS 101110 X 60 M
LNS 101210 X 75 M
LNS 101310X100 M
LNS 101410X120 M
LNS 101510X140 M
LNS 101610X160 M
LNS 101712 X 60 M
LNS 101812 X 75 M
LNS 101914 X 75 M
LNS 102014X100 M
LNS 102116 X 75 M
LNS 102216X100 M
LNS 102320 X 80 M

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pack(s)

  • Nylon Board Clip / Toggle Clip

    Lovely Nylon Board Clip (with Screw 50mm) is used for Hanging and Mounting in Wooden Boards, Interior Designing & Interior Fixtures.

    Type  & Code No.

    screw  size

    Drill Dia. mm

    Length mm

    L 23018x35mm6.535mm

    Frame Fixing Anchor

    Lovely Nylon Expansion Frame Fixing (with Zinc Plated Screw) for fixing of gates, door frames, fire protection doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, squared timbers, facings, facade and roof substructures made of wood and metal.

    Approve for concrete, solid brick, sand-lime solid brick, solid block made from lightweight concrete, hollow block made from lightweight concrete. Suitable for concrete, lightweight concrete, natural stone with dense structures, solid brick, sand-lime solid brick, solid block made from lightweight concrete, solid panel made from gypsum, hollow block made from lightweight concrete.

    CodeSleeve Size
    LFF 10514.5 X 25 M
    LFF 10525.5 X 30 M
    LFF 10536.5 X 35 M
    LFF 10547 X 40 M
    LFF 10558 X 50 M
    LFF 10568 X 60 M
    LFF 10578 X 75 M
    LFF 10588 X 100 M
    LFF 10598 X 120 M
    LFF 106010 X 50 M
    LFF 106110 X 60 M
    LFF 106210 X 75 M
    LFF 106310X100 M
    LFF 106410X120 M
    LFF 106510X140 M
    LFF 106610X160 M
    LFF 106712 X 60 M
    LFF 106812 X 75 M
    LFF 106914 X 75 M
    LFF 107014X100 M
    LFF 107116 X 75 M
    LFF 107216X100 M

    Toggle Dry Wall Anchor

    Toggle Dry Wall Anchor
    Approx. Rs 9.10 / Piece

    Item Code: LTDWA3101

    Lovely Toggle Dry Wall Anchor is best suitable for Hollow Structures. Such as POP, Ply Boards, etc.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece
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