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Hand Tools

With our rich industry experience, we are able to offer our esteemed clients a wide assortment of optimum quality hand tools. These Hand Tools are manufactured in compliance with latest technologies using high-grade raw materials. Our range is appreciated for its durability, tensile strength and dimensional accuracy.

NOTE : We deals in Mumbai and Near by Mumbai only.

Item Code: L151

Lovely Cutting Cold Chisel made from special graded EN – 9 carbon steel, fully heat treated and grounded at working end. To ensure perfect result of cutting. Useful tool for all segments of industries and for domestic hobby purposes.

L 15110x100
L 15210x150
L 15313x100
L 15413x150
L 15513x200
L 15616x150
L 15716x200
L 15820x100
L 15920x150
L 151020x200
L 151120x250
L 151220x300
L 151325x150
L 151425x200
L 151525x250
L 151625x300
L 151725x375
L 151825x450
L 151925x600

Center Punch

Item Code: L141

Lovely Center Punch and Pin Punch made from EN – 9 carbon steel, fully heat treated and grounded at working end. To ensure perfect result of punching. Useful tool for all segments of industries.

L 14110x100 (Round)
L 14210x125 (Round)
L 14310x150 (Round)
L 14410x100 (Hex)
L 14510x150 (Hex)
L 14613x150 (Hex)
L 14713x200 (Hex)

Hacksaw Frame

(L102) Hand hacksaw frame, a compact and easy-to-use hacksaw frame for one side purpose. Suitable for 12" (300 mm) Bi-Metal blade, 24 TPI.

(L104) Alternative 90� blade mounting for flush cutting. Suitable for 12" (300 mm) Bi-Metal blade, 24 TPI.

L 101Fix Strip20x4.5mm (3/16”x3/4")
L 102Fix Strip20x6.3mm (1/4"x3/4")
L 103Fix StripPoland Type Mini
L 104Fix StripPoland Type Heavy
L 105Adjustable (Folding)1/4" (6.3mm)
L 106Spare Hacksaw bolts(Ordinary)
L 107Spare Hacksaw bolts(Mini Poland)
L 108Spare Hacksaw bolts(Poland)

Hacksaw Frame (Adjustable)

(L109) Hacksaw Frame with Adjustable Steel Handle – made from ERW Seamless MS Pipe, Powder Coated to provide sturdy and accurate cutting results.

L 110Fix PipeWooden Handle
L 111Fix Pipe (DEEP 8”-10”-12”)Wooden Handle
L 112Adjustable PipeWooden Handle
L 113Adjustable PipeSteel Handle

Coping Saw & Fret Saw made from medium carbon steel wire and medium carbon strip to ensure tension for blade. It is unique hacksaw, to be used for thin wall ply – boards, map cutting, laminated sheet cutting and other designed cuttings

Hacksaws (150 MM)

L 121Multi Saw(Plastic)
L 122Junior Saw(Powder Coated)
L 123Coping Saw(Powder Coated)
L 124Fret Saw (U-Saw)(Powder Coated)

L161 Lovely Tap Wrench - Chuck Type, made from medium carbon steel. This auto black tool, is useful for tapping in deep and other holes.

L 161

1/16" To 3/16"


L 162

1/8" To 1/4"


L 163

3/16" To 5/16"


L 164

1/4" To 1/2"


Multi Saw, A useful mini-hacksaw for multi purpose jobs and to reach difficult positions. A do-it-yourself hacksaw with a comfortable plastic handle. Easy to handle and supplied with a 10" (250 mm) Metal blade, 24 TPI.

* Important: Broken blade can also be used in this saw.

Junior hacksaw,  Powder Coated Junior saw for sawing iron and soft metals. Simple and quick, twist-action junior hacksaw with 6" (150 mm), 32-TPI blade for metalworking.

* Also available in White Chrome Plating. Red Powder Coating or any other color as per specification



Nail Puller

L131 - Lovely S-Type Nail Puller, made from medium carbon steel rod and hardened both working ends to ensure easy and quick pulling of nails from wooden cases. Useful tool for wooden package opening.

L 132 - LOVELY Chisel Type Nail Pullers 16mm Rod.



L 131"S" Type
L 132Chisel Type

L191 Lovely Holder
 made from medium carbon steel, light heat-treated both ends. Used as holders of hand operated wall drills (bits) suitable for different sizes. 

L192 Lovely Bit (masonry wall drill) 
made from carbon steel, fully heat-treated and zinc plated. Triangular Sharpen at one end to ensure perfect manually drilling in walls and other hard media.


L 191 Holder

No. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 & 32

L 192 Bit

No. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 & 32

Bearing Puller Drop Forged


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